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Beat the winter blues with one of these fabulous packages of Rube's steaks. Brush the snow off your grill or cook your steak inside - either way, sinking your teeth into a juicy steak will help you forget spring is still a few weeks away!

Sirloins for the Win Sirloins for the Win
Priced Separately $124.40
Package Price $94.00
Perfectly cooked ribeye on a metal platter Beef & Bourbon Package
Separately $97.53
New! Package Price $95.00
Cooked ribeye on a wooden carving board Rube's Sampler Package
Separately $151.86
Package Price $139.00
Sirloin with charred peppers NEW! Steaks with a Kick
Priced Separately $167.53
Package Price $147.00
Raw bacon-wrapped ribeye on a wood platter with salt, pepper and asparagus Bacon Lover Combo
Separately $178.70
Package Price $149.00
New York Strip NEW! Taste the Big Apple
Priced Separately $173.04
Package Price $153.00
Perfectly cooked ribeye Team Huddle
Separately $279.99
Package Price $199.00
Large top sirloin seasoned with minced herbs, salt and cracked peppercorns NEW! Chef's Delight
Price: $218.83
Sale Price: $199.00
Filet Mignon on slate tray with pink peppercorns Rube's Best
Priced Separately $257.91
Package Price $216.00