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Delicious holiday bundles at special reduced prices just in time for the holidays! Choose a package for your celebration, or select the perfect gift for the meat lover on your list. Order here and pick up curbside
at a location near you. View our curbside pick up dates and locations here.

To ship your order anywhere in the USA, please shop here.

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New York Strip New York Strip
Price: $21.00
Rube's fresh bacon-wrapped ribeye Bacon-Wrapped Ribeye (Local Pick Up)
Price: $39.00
Fall Kickoff Sale $32.00
Ribeye Steak & Bourbon Ribeye Meal Kit (Local Pick Up)
Price: $70.00
Fall Kickoff Sale $55.00
Grilled filet mignon sliced and ready to eat Rube's Steakhouse Experience for Two (Local Pick Up)
Price: $89.00
Fall Kickoff Sale $65.00
Rube's smoked pork chop Farmhouse Christmas
Price: $92.00
Christmas Sale $77.00
Sliced Sirloin Christmas Breakfast
Price: $153.00
Christmas Sale $123.00
Steakhouse cut ribeye Blessed (Local Pick Up)
Price: $225.00
Ribeye Meat Lover Bundle - $50 OFF (Local Pick Up)
Price: $270.00
Fall Kickoff Sale $220.00