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Rube's 11 oz New York Strip. New York Strip
Price: $32.00
Christmas Sale $25.50
Forty-nine day dry-aged bone-in ribeye 20 oz Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye
Price: $84.00
Christmas Sale $75.00
Rube's 4 oz USDA Prime top sirloin steaks. Snowball Fight! Eight Snowball-Sized Sirloins
Price $104.00
Christmas Sale $85.00
Two corn-fed, Black Angus New York Strip steaks ready to cook. NY Strips and Sirloins with Steak Butter
Price: $135.00
Christmas Sale $120.00
Rube's 8 oz USDA Prime top sirloin, ready to grill or air fry. Rube's Sampler - Ribeyes, Strips & Sirloins
Price $172.00
Christmas Sale $152.00
Rube's tender filet mignon seasoned with pink peppercorns Filets for Four
Price $178.00
Christmas Sale $155.00
Two bone-in cowboy cut ribeyes ready to eat. Cowboy Ribeye Meal Kit
Price: $164.00
Christmas Sale $159.00
Rube's 16 oz Bacon-Wrapped Ribeye Bacon Lover's Ribeyes and Filet
Price $180.00
Christmas Sale $175.00
Two USDA Choice filet mignon Filet Mignon with Fresh Flavor Trio
Price $196.00
Christmas Sale $176.00
Rube's t-bone well-seasoned Taste of Rube's - T-Bone, Sirloin & Filet
Price $208.00
Christmas Sale $185.00
Ribeye and bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon on a platter. Steakhouse Favorites
Price: $216.00
Christmas Sale $189.00
Rube's marbled classic cut ribeye. Ribeye Lover
Price $211.00
Christmas Sale $199.00
Rube's Black Angus bacon-wrapped filet mignon steak. Mixed Filet Mignon Bundle - New!
Price: $328.00
Christmas Sale $278.00
Rube's ribeyes and filet mignon on a wooden platter Home for the Holidays - Filet and Ribeye
Price $317.00
Christmas Sale $285.00