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Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye
Dry-aged bone-in ribeye 20 oz

This is the only dry-aged steak we offer at Rube's, only it's only available once this year. This premium cut begins with the best Iowa ribeyes. Those whole ribeyes are then dry-aged through a slow process that creates an exceptionally tender steak with a rich, earthy flavor. We take no short-cuts, adding an extra week of aging this year - a full 49 days - to develop the special texture and flavor profile that's unique to dry-aged steaks. We're now accepting orders on these high-value, extremely limited steaks.

Learn more about the dry-aging process here.

20 oz Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye

This year all Rube's steaks are frozen unless otherwise noted. Items may thaw during shipping, but will stay safely chilled. Upon receipt, you may refrigerate or re-freeze your meat. This change means better prices for our customers, and adapts to UPS changes that could possibly require longer time in transit. We now use flash-freezing technology to preserve the highest possible meat quality when your steaks arrive. This new process has earned our customers' vote of approval. Enjoy your Rube's steaks knowing quality is our #1 priority! To shop fresh steaks at current market pricing, shop here.

This product will be shipped. If you're interested in curbside pickup, please shop this section of our store. For questions about the differences in pricing, visit our help center.

Rube's Quality Philosophy
Every Rube's steak begins with 100% black Angus beef raised on small family farms within 150 miles of our steakhouse in Montour, Iowa. Cattle graze on rich grassy pastures and their diet finishes with Iowa-grown corn, resulting in meat that is famous for its marbling, flavor and tenderness. That flavor and tenderness is enhanced as the beef wet ages for at least 28 days. Then each steak is hand cut and flash frozen to lock in that carefully crafted flavor.
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Product Code: DAR20

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20 oz Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye, frozen

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