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Two of Rube's 4 oz Snowball cut sirloins. Snowball Sirloins and Pork Loins
Priced Separately $94.25
Package Price $89.00
Shop our locally sourced beef and pork package, including this pork loin. The Best of Beef and Pork
Price: $102.99
Cyber Sale $95.00
Rube's Iowa smoked pork chop Iowa's Finest Pork: Smoked Chops and Pork Loins - NEW!
Separately $100.00
Package Price $95.00
Rube's boneless Iowa pork loins An Iowa Christmas - Filet Mignon and Pork Loin
Separately $198.56
Package Price $159.00
Rube's 18 oz Ribeye Steak The Spirit of Christmas - Ribeyes, Strips and Chops
Priced Separately $192.99
Package Price $189.00