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  Rube's Steaks Shipping Information

How do we ship Rube’s Steaks FRESH?

Not only does “fresh” sound better than “frozen," we think it IS better. When steaks are frozen, ice crystals form and may affect the taste, juiciness and texture. We source our meat locally in Iowa, with some from the Midwest, and take care to select Black Angus, grass-fed and corn-finished steaks that are graded by the USDA as Prime or Choice. Because these steaks are the highest quality, it is important to get them to you as soon as possible, fresh, full of flavor and ready to be cooked to perfection. Therefore, we ship most of our steaks fresh, not frozen. Occasionally we might become overstocked on a certain product, which we clearly sell as frozen and offer at a considerable discount. Nonetheless, we start with the best product possible and deliver consistent, amazing flavor.

Here's how we do it:

  • Once you place your order, your steaks are hand-selected.
  • We then place your fresh steaks in a specially-designed shipping package — an insulated cooler with cooling packs.
  • The package is tightly sealed and shipped via UPS to arrive within three business days — fresh to your front door.
  • We do not use dry ice, so your products will not arrive frozen! (Some products such as ground beef, pork chops, minute steaks and sandwich steaks are shipped frozen, but may arrive partially thawed.)
  • We guarantee the product to arrive cold and fresh. Upon delivery, the recipient must transfer meat from cooler to the refrigerator or freezer. If you are sending steaks as a gift, make sure you let your recipient know to expect a package on their doorstep. Unfortunately, we cannot replace products that were not refrigerated the day of delivery.


For better savings for you, we are very pleased to offer our NEW FLAT RATE SHIPPING! We offer several shipping options to ensure our steaks are delivered FRESH. Due to the shipping of fresh, premium, perishable product, we must ship either 3-day, 2-day, or overnight. Our rates are as follows:


UPS Iowa Flat Rate - $9.95
UPS Iowa Oversize Package - $19.95
UPS Iowa Super Oversize Package - $29.95


UPS Flat Rate - $14.95
UPS 3-DAY Oversize Package - $29.95
UPS 3-DAY Super Oversize Package - $44.95


UPS Flat Rate - $24.95
UPS Oversize Package - $44.95
UPS Super Oversize Package - $59.95


UPS Overnight Flat Rate - $69.95
UPS Overnight Oversize Package - $99.95
UPS Overnight Super Oversize Package - $129.95


UPS Flat Rate Alaska & Hawaii - $59.95
UPS Flat Rate Alaska & Hawaii Oversize Package - $119.95
At this time, we do not offer overnight shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.


To guarantee delivery, please call us at 1.800.847.8237.

GENERAL SHIPPING TABLE - Reference only. Subject to change depending on circumstances.
Monitor your UPS tracking number for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Please alert
recipient of package that meat must be refrigerated upon delivery.

Place Order On Expected
Ship Day
3-Day Shipping
Delivery Day
2-Day Shipping
Delivery Day
Monday (before 1 p.m. CST) Monday Thursday Wednesday

Tuesday (before 1 p.m. CST) Tuesday Friday Thursday

Wednesday (before 1 p.m. CST)
Wed or Mon
Next Thursday Friday

Thursday (any time) Monday Next Thursday Wednesday

Friday (any time) Monday Thursday Wednesday

Saturday (any time) Monday Thursday Wednesday

Sunday (any time) Monday Thursday Wednesday

Please Note:
Orders placed after the 1 p.m. CST shipping deadline will follow the following day's shipping timetable.

You are not required to be present to accept delivery. UPS will leave the package at the shipping address you provided. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. We recommend you let your gift recipient know to expect a package.

UPS will deliver your steaks on the scheduled delivery date, but a delivery time is not guaranteed. Your package might not be delivered until the evening.

Overnight delivery - Packages being shipped overnight will be delivered the following day if the order is placed before 1 pm CST. Orders placed following that time will be processed and shipped the following day. Orders placed after 1 pm Thursday, or anytime Friday-Sunday that opt for overnight shipping will ship out on Monday, with a Tuesday delivery day.

We do not ship on these national holidays - New Year's Day, Groundhog Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This item cannot be shipped
  This item is part of our local curbside pick up collection. It is not available for shipping. You will indicate at checkout where and when you would like to pick up your order. You may view our curbside pick up schedule here.

If you would like to have your order shipped, please shop from our "Send Steaks Anywhere" section.