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The distinct, mellow, melt-in-your mouth flavor is why Rube's Filet Mignon is considered to be one of the finest steaks in the country. This mouth-watering steak is crafted from the heart of the tenderloin and wet-aged for enchanting flavor and buttery tenderness.

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Slices of cooked New York Strip with melting gourmet butter. The Perfect Gift
Package Price $129.00
Two tender, raw filet mignon Love Me Tender
NEW! Package Price $122.00
Big 'n Meaty Combo Big 'n Meaty Combo
Package Price $141.00
USDA Choice Filet Mignon Family Pleaser
Holiday Package Price $179.00
Fresh ribeyes and filets on a wooden platter Home for the Holidays
Package Price $224.00
Raw bacon-wrapped ribeye on a wood platter with salt, pepper and asparagus Bacon Lover Combo
Package Price $149.00
T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak
Price: $39.22
Raw filet mignon on marble next to saucers of kosher salt and pink peppercorns Filets for Four
Package Price $130.00
Two raw filet mignon on a board with a green onion. Tenderloins Two Ways
Overstock Price $150.00
Meat Surprise Meat Surprise
Package Price $160.00
Fresh ribeyes and filets on a wooden platter Moms Like Steak Too!
Mother's Day Package Price $210.00
Close-trimmed 7 oz filet mignon Better Than Flowers
Mother's Day Sale Price $119.00