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Labor Day Weekend Specials - Curbside Steaks and Pork Burgers and Hot Dogs
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Rube's Steakhouse - Montour & Waukee

Rube's steaks and pork available now for curbside pickup. These are the same premium steaks we serve at our steakhouses! We are making our steaks available to our customers for curbside pickup at various locations across Iowa. This IS NOT grocery store meat! This is the same upscale quality, locally raised, wet-aged beef you love to enjoy at our steakhouses.

Place your order here and we will package and have ready for you to pick up curbside.

Click here to see this week's curbside pickup locations, days and times. You will indicate your pickup date and time at checkout.Steaks and pork will be frozen, ready for you to thaw and grill to perfection. If you prefer fresh steaks, please shop our Fresh Market Availability section.

*Special arrangements might be available for alternate pickup days/times if necessary. Indicate in the comments section your preferred dates/time and we will call you to confirm.

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Rube's Sauce Rube's Sauce
Price: $6.56
Quilted oven mitt Oven Mitt
Price: $14.00
Rube's Steakhouse golf balls Golf Ball 3-Pack
Price: $15.00
Price: $27.42
Fall Sale $19.31
Sirloin Family 4-Pack Prime Sirloins Curbside Pick up
Price: $29.00
Labor Day Sale $22.00
Price: $36.12
Fall Sale $27.52
Burger Third Pound Burgers - 16 CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY
Price: $41.00
Labor Day Sale $29.00
Burger with bacon and creamy jalapeno corn Burger Night Meal Kit
Price: $55.00
Labor Day Sale $47.00
Sirloin Baseball Sirloin Bundle - 8 Pack Prime Sirloin
Price: $64.00
Labor Day Sale $49.00
Rube's New York Strip steak ready for the grill Strips and Chips
Price: $59.00
Labor Day Sale $49.00
Sliced sirloin New! Steakfest Prime Package - 6 Pack
Price: $102.00
Steakfest Special $79.00
Classic Cuts Bundle Classic Cuts Bundle
Price: $110.00
Fall Sale $80.00
Sliced sirloin New! Steakfest Prime Package - 12 Pack
Price: $207.00
Steakfest Special $147.00
Cowboy cut ribeye Cowboys and Bourbon Bundle
Price: $222.20
Fall Sale $155.00