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Enjoy Local Craft Beer at Home
Growler of beer in our Woodshed lounge


Rube’s Steakhouse is famous for its incredible steaks. And we carefully select beverages that are up to that same standard. Naturally, we carry a changing variety of local craft beers on tap.

And just like guests can take fresh steaks home to keep the Rube’s experience going, you can do the same with craft beers!

Behold, the growler:

A growler is just another name for a glass jug that’s used to transport draft beer. They’ve become popular recently, and some people even collect them from breweries and restaurants they visit. We offer them for sale at our Montour location, or you can bring your own (clean) growler, and we’ll fill it for you from our tap.

Rube’s growler holds 64 ounces, or about 4 pints of beer. Unopened, the beer should keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

If I’m holding a party on a Saturday night at my house, I’ll have my husband drive over to Rube’s on Thursday or Friday to fill the growlers. We’ll usually fill two - it’s nice to offer guests a choice of flavors. My husband drinks a porter or dark beer, and then selects something lighter, such as a Bavarian wheat.

Craft beer does extend to a culinary use, also. Rube’s uses it to flavor their beer cheese dip served alongside pretzels from their bar bites menu. You could do the same at home!

Rube’s regularly rotates in new beers, thanks in part to Iowa’s flourishing craft beer industry. We also keep some favorites year-round. Try something new the next time you’re at Rube’s. Don’t be afraid to ask to sample a couple to find one you really like.

Please drink responsibly and obey all laws regarding transport and consumption of alcohol.

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