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Delicious holiday packages at special reduced prices just in time for the holidays! *More packages coming soon!*

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Rube's 8 oz top sirloin Sirloin Six Pack
Price $135.00
SALE $99.00
Rube's bourbon peppercorn steak seasoning Steak and Bourbon Seasoning
Price: $126.00
SALE $105.00
Rube's classic cut sirloin Classic Cuts
Price: $137.00
SALE $109.00
Rube's tender filet mignon seasoned with pink peppercorns Filets for Four
Price $180.00
SALE $150.00
Rube's 16 oz Bacon-Wrapped Ribeye Bacon Lover's Ribeyes and Filet
Price $185.00
SALE $159.00
Ribeye and bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon on a platter. Steakhouse Favorites
Price: $220.00
SALE $170.00
Shop Rube's ribeyes with steakhouse sides. Family Feast Meal Kit
Price $266.00
SALE $186.00
Rube's best cuts ready to season and cook. Iowa's Best Butcher Bundle
Price $305.00
SALE $235.00