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Ahhh, Ribeye. The beef lover's steak. Full of rich flavor, juiciness and tenderness. You'll find this steaklover's favorite in these great packages.

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Rube's 8 oz USDA Prime top sirloin, ready to grill or air fry. Rube's Sampler - Ribeyes, Strips & Sirloins
Price $172.00
Christmas Sale $152.00
Rube's 16 oz Bacon-Wrapped Ribeye Bacon Lover's Ribeyes and Filet
Price $180.00
Christmas Sale $154.00
Rube's 11 oz Ribeye Ribeyes with Rube's Flavor Four-Pack
Price $164.00
Christmas Sale $160.00
Ribeye and bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon on a platter. Steakhouse Favorites
Price: $216.00
Christmas Sale $175.00
Rube's marbled classic cut ribeye. Ribeye Lover
Price $211.00
Package Price $205.00
Shop Rube's ribeyes with steakhouse sides. Family Feast Meal Kit
Price $257.00
Package Price $240.00