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The famous Rube's Ribeye is cut from the eye of the prime rib, with just the right marbling. Our ribeye is corn-fed Black Angus, wet-aged for 28 days for exceptional flavor and juiciness, and shipped fresh from the heart of Iowa.
Generously cut and deeply satisfying, our ribeye is truly a steak lover's dream.

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Forty-nine day dry-aged bone-in ribeye 20 oz Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye
Price: $79.00
Black Friday Sale $61.35
Rube's prime rib and roasted garlic on a platter as the dining centerpiece. Prime Rib Roast - 4 LBS FREE Shipping
Price: $150.00
Black Friday Sale $125.00
Ribeye Sandwich Steaks Ribeye Sandwich Steaks
Price: $30.00
Black Friday Sale $25.00