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The famous Rube's Ribeye is cut from the eye of the prime rib, with just the right marbling. Our ribeye is corn-fed Black Angus, wet-aged for 28 days for exceptional flavor and juiciness, and shipped fresh from the heart of Iowa.
Generously cut and deeply satisfying, our ribeye is truly a steak lover's dream.

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Raw bacon-wrapped ribeye on a wood platter with salt, pepper and asparagus Bacon Lover Combo
Separately $178.70
Package Price $149.00
Perfectly cooked ribeye on a metal platter Beef & Bourbon Package
Separately $97.53
New! Package Price $95.00
Big 'n Meaty Combo Big 'n Meaty Combo
Separately $155.00
Package Price $141.00
Bone-in ribeye Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye
Regular Price $69.50
Fresh ribeyes and filets on a wooden platter Home for the Holidays
Separately $279.73
Package Price $224.00
Meat Surprise Meat Surprise
Separately $185.54
Package Price $160.00
Fresh ribeyes and filets on a wooden platter Moms Like Steak Too!
Separately $279.73
Mother's Day Package Price $210.00
Bone-in Ribeye with buter NEW! A Carnivore's Christmas
Priced Separately $113.01
Package Price $109.00
Cowboy Cut Ribeye NEW! Cowboys Love Coffee
Priced Separately $175.31
Package Price $162.00
Ribeye with garlic toast NEW! Garlic Lover's Package
Priced Separately $143.49
Package Price $119.00
Rube's 11 oz Ribeye NEW! Rudolph's Bringing Ribeyes
Priced Separately $131.59
Package Price $129.00
Overstock Ribeye Sandwich Package Overstock Ribeye Sandwich Package
Price: $104.47
Overstock Price $89.00
Ribeye Ribeye
Price: $31.15
Ribeye Lover Ribeye Lover
Separately $188.00
Package Price $155.00
Cooked ribeye on a wooden carving board Rube's Sampler Package
Separately $151.86
Package Price $139.00
Slices of cooked New York Strip with melting gourmet butter. The Perfect Gift
Separately $169.12
Package Price $129.00
Ultimate Ribeye BBQ Package Ultimate Ribeye BBQ Package
Price: $194.96
Sale Price: $149.00