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Look to Spring for Party Inspiration
Vibrant asparagus incorporates the look and taste of spring!


March is the perfect month to host a spring-inspired party. Everyone is eager for winter to be over and the first signs of spring just begin to appear. Take a few cues from the season to incorporate spring into your party menu and decor!

The surest way to say goodbye to dreary winter is to brighten up the atmosphere. A bouquet of fresh flowers reminds me that spring is near. I stop by a local florist the day before the party to choose some colorful stems. The florist can design a centerpiece for you. Or, I prefer to take flowers home and arrange them myself. I cut down the stem on individual flowers and place them in bud vases for the table - colorful but not tall enough to block conversation.

Spring is also the time to take a lighter approach to the menu. Since weather can be unpredictable in early spring, I choose a meat that can easily be cooked indoors or out. I suggest pork or beef tenderloin roast. If party day is warm, toss the meat on the grill! If it’s cold and rainy, just use the oven.

The key to making the meal feel light and spring-like is the sauce. Chimichurri sauce is pungent, colorful and full of flavor. It pairs with both beef and pork, so you can’t go wrong.

Let your party style determine how you serve the food. If you’re hosting a sit-down dinner, simply slice and plate. If you’re serving finger food, toast up crostini, add thinly sliced meat and then top with the chimichurri sauce.

Asparagus is a perfect side. The vibrant green color just screams “Spring!” You can roast or grill it quickly while the meat rests. For a finger food presentation, wrap thick stalks in prosciutto before cooking.

Lastly, let’s talk about cocktails. My favorite cocktails tend to change with the weather. I always prefer to use seasonal ingredients, which in March often means citrus. A beautiful blood orange margarita would make an excellent welcome cocktail to hand your guests as they arrive.

Between sips on the colorful cocktails and nibbles on fresh tenderloin, your winter blues will melt away. All it takes is a few thoughtful touches to incorporate spring into your next party. Embrace spring fever and let it inspire you!

Written by: Danielle H., Rube's Community Manager

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Let the colors and flavors of spring shine at your party. Welcome guests with beautiful cocktails and stay flexible with tenderloin that you can cook indoors or out - no matter the weather!

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