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A steak lover's dream, the classic t-bone is two steaks in one. The steakhouse favorite strip steak is on one side, and a succulent filet mignon is on the other, with the distinctive t-shaped bone running through the middle. The mighty porterhouse is a t-bone with a thicker cut and a much larger portion of tenderloin than a regular t-bone. Whether you choose a t-bone or a porterhouse, either cut is sure to satisfy your hearty steak craving.

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T-Bone Steak T-Bone Steak
Price: $39.22
Porterhouse Porterhouse
Price: $48.71
Big 'n Meaty Combo Big 'n Meaty Combo
Separately $155.00
Package Price $141.00
Sirloin with charred peppers NEW! Steaks with a Kick
Priced Separately $167.53
Package Price $147.00
Cowboy cut ribeye, like the one included in this package. Meat Surprise
Separately $185.54
Package Price $160.00