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One of the most versatile steaks, our top sirloin is USDA Prime, expertly marbled and incredibly juicy and tender. Whether grilled, broiled or sliced for your favorite Mexican dishes, casseroles or stews, the top sirloin is an everyday pleaser and a great value.

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Rube's large 26 oz Porterhouse steak Porterhouse

Price: $52.95
Rube's 24 oz USDA Prime Top Sirloin, plated for a birthday meal. Birthday Dinner Package

Price: $94.78
Sale Price: $91.00
Sirloin and Pork Loin Package Sirloin and Pork Loin Package

Priced Separately $99.25
Package Price $94.00
Rube's 14 oz sirloin, sliced on a platter. Prime Madness

Price: $137.40
Sale Price: $99.00
Top Sirloin, Tri-Tip and New York Strip. Tri-Tip photo courtesy Certified Angus Beef. Sirloins, Strips and Tip

Priced Separately $175.95
Package Price $132.00
Cowboy cut ribeye, like the one included in this package. Meat Surprise

Separately $185.54
Package Price $160.00