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One of the most versatile steaks, our top sirloin is USDA Prime, expertly marbled and incredibly juicy and tender. Whether grilled, broiled or sliced for your favorite Mexican dishes, casseroles or stews, the top sirloin is an everyday pleaser and a great value.

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USDA Prime Petite Top Sirloin USDA Prime Petite Top Sirloin

8 oz Prime Sirloin

Price: $21.04
USDA Prime Top Sirloin USDA Prime Top Sirloin

14 oz Prime Sirloin

Price: $31.10
Steakhouse Cut Top Sirloin Steakhouse Cut Top Sirloin

24 oz Prime Sirloin

Price: $44.11
Porterhouse Porterhouse

Price: $44.50
Cooked ribeye on a wooden carving board Rube's Sampler Package

Separately $151.86
Package Price $135.00
Big 'n Meaty Combo Big 'n Meaty Combo

Separately $155.00
Package Price $141.00
Pork tenderloin sliced on a cutting board, seasoned with herbs and spices. Cue the Smoke

Separately $165.94
Package Price $160.00
Meat Surprise Meat Surprise

Separately $185.54
Package Price $160.00