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Summer is in full swing with backyard barbecues, family reunions, camping weekends and lazy days at the lake. We've put together packages of our most popular summertime grilling cuts and LARGE fill the grill steakhouse cuts. Let the good times roll!
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Sirloin Family 4-Pack Prime Sirloins Send Anywhere
Price: $45.00
Labor Day Sale $35.00
Rube's Black Angus USDA Prime Top sirloin with melting garlic butter. Garlic Butter Steak - Send Anywhere
Price: $95.00
Package Price $83.00
Rube's bourbon peppercorn steak seasoning Steak and Bourbon Seasoning
Price: $118.00
Package Price $99.00
Rube's classic cut sirloin Classic Cuts
Price: $136.00
Summer Sale $109.00
Rube's 8 oz USDA Prime top sirloin, ready to grill or air fry. Rube's Sampler - Ribeyes, Strips & Sirloins
Price $172.00
Summer Sale $130.00
Rube's tender filet mignon seasoned with pink peppercorns Filets for Four
Price $178.00
Package Price $139.00
Rube's marbled classic cut ribeye. Ribeye Lover
Price $211.00
Summer Sale $149.00
Rube's 14 oz Bacon-Wrapped Ribeye Bacon Lover's Ribeyes and Filet
Price $180.00
Labor Day Sale $154.00
Rube's t-bone well-seasoned Taste of Rube's - T-Bone, Sirloin & Filet
Price $208.00
Package Price $159.00
Ribeye and bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon on a platter. Steakhouse Favorites
Price: $216.00
Package Price $159.00
Rube's prime steak on the grill NEW! Steakfest Prime Package
Price $332.00
Steakfest Special $220.00
Rube's Black Angus 8 oz filet mignon steak, ready to cook. Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon Bundle - New!
Price: $336.00
Package Price $249.00